Government of Madhya Pradesh
Department of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises
(Directorate of Industries, M.P.)

Departmental Activities

  • Infrastructure Development
  • Concessions & Financial Assistance to the Industries
  • Implementation of Self Employment Schemes for educated unemployed youths
  • Allotment of Industrial land to the Industries
  • Entrepreneurship development programmes
  • Ancillarization
  • Development of Power loom Sector
  • Development of Industrial Clusters
  • Organize Exhibitions & Seminars to promote Industries
  • Work as a facilitator & coordinate with the concerned departments / Agencies
  • Help Small Industries to recover their Delayed Payment from defaulter units/Govt. Departments/Corporations etc.
  • Revival of sick Industries
  • Raw Material Facilities to the Industries
  • Encourage MSME by warding them with Divisional & State level Prizes
  • Registration & Development of MSME Industries
  • Vendor Development Program
  • MSME Product Marketing