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MP MSME Development Policy 2021

Order Gazette notifiction Endorsement Letter Policy Booklet (English)

Policy Booklet (Hindi)

Salient Features MP MSME Incentives Scheme 2021 Booklet Amendment  Ms. Burhanpur Sukhpuri Textile Cluster Association Ms. Fairdeal Export Operative Society Ltd., Burhanpur
Special Financial Assistance for manufacturing units of Furniture, Toys and their related value chain products Special Financial Assistance for Medical Oxygen in M.P. Special Financial Assistance for Medical Oxygen in M.P.- Amendment  

MP MSME Development Policy 2019

MP MSME Development Policy 2019 Electric Subsidy to Powerloom Clarification 1 Clarification 2
MP MSME Incentives Scheme 2019 Clarification 1    

MP MSME Development Policy 2017

MP MSME Development Policy 2017 (Amended) Order Amendment I
MP MSME Incentives Scheme 2017(Amended) Order Amendment I Amendment II            
Subsidy to unit run by Cooperative society Clarification regarding Exemption/Diversification/Technical Upgradation Unit Endorsement Letter

MP Startup Policy 2019


MP Incubation Startup Policy 2016

Policy Startup Scheme - Order   Gazette Notification

Industrial Promotion Policy, 2014

Order Amended Policy Amendment I Amendment II
Amendment III Amendment IV Amendment V  
Gazette IPP 2014 Entry Tax Clarification Policy 2014 MP MSMEI Scheme 2014 Amendment Gazette 2015
Guidelines for Special Financial Assistance to Food Processing Industry Order Policy2014 Mandi Fee Reimbursement Subsidy to Benefited Unit From Food Processing Department
Subsidy to MYUY Beneficiary Amendment in tax reimbursement under IPP 2014 Special assistance to Logistics warehousing park MPSSIRS 2014 Form

Priority Block

Priority_Block Order Priority Block Gazette 2015

Industrial Promotion Policy-2010 (Including Amendments 2012)

Policy Amendment Interest Subsidy revised Investment Subsidy 2010 (Amendment 2012)
Order Policy 2010 Amendment Thurst Sector 15.14 Order Policy2014 Textile circular IPP 2010

Industrial Promotion Policy-2010

Policy Investment Subsidy 2010 MPIIPAS 2010 Patent Cost 2010
PRCR 2010 Quality Certification Reimbursement Entry Tax Technology Cost 2010
Ineligible Industries for Entry tax Ineligible Industries for Interest subsidy Ineligible Industries for Investment subsidy Ineligible Industries Para 20
Interest Subsidy_2010_modify Investment Circular 21Aug2014 Interest Subsidy 2010 Order- IPP 2010 Extension
Mandi Fee Exemption Financial Institution Definition Under Interest Subsidy Scheme Subsidy to Food Processing Units  

Industrial Promotion Policy- 2004(Including Amendments 2007)

Industrial Promotion Policy- 2004 Industrial Promotion Policy- 2004(Amendment 2007) IPP 2004 Extension Order
Industrial Promotion Policy- 1994
Industrial Promotion Policy- 1988