Mentor Network

List of Mentorship Network

S.NO Institute/Partner Incubator Name of Mentor Mobile No. E-mail Address Profile/Area of Expertise
1 AIC-Aartech Dr. Manish Billore 9425024431 Education, Student Entrepreneurship
2 AIC-Aartech Mr. Amit Raje 9993091164 Electricity, New and Renewable Energy and Environmental sustainability, Manufacturing and Engineering New Materials including Nano Materials Other emerging areas of social / national importance
3 AIC-Aartech Mr. Anil Raje 9893027633 Electricity, New and Renewable Energy and Environmental sustainability, Manufacturing and Engineering
4 AIC-Aartech Mr. Arati Nath 7389924735 Finance
5 AIC-Aartech Mr. Bharat Parekh 9993077124 Other emerging areas of social / national importance, Social Entrepreneurship
6 AIC-Aartech Mr. Pradeep Ghosh 9893274407 Education, Other emerging areas of social / national importance, Social Entrepreneurship
7 AIC-Aartech Mr. Pramod Maithil 9424419871 Education, Other emerging areas of social / national importance, Social Entrepreneurship
8 AIC-Aartech Mr. Sudesh Morey 9826361765 Electricity, New and Renewable Energy and Environmental sustainability,Manufacturing and Engineering
9 B-Nest Dr. Asma Rizwan      
10 B-Nest Dr. Nilesh Khare      
11 B-Nest Mr. Akhil Bansal      
12 B-Nest Mr. Anurag Shrivastava      
13 B-Nest Mr. Ashish Agrawal      
14 B-Nest Mr. Bhushan Gajriya      
15 B-Nest Mr. G. V. Krishnan      
16 B-Nest Mr. Jitesh Agrawal      
17 B-Nest Mr. Mohit Dubey      
18 B-Nest Mr. Nandan Narola      
19 B-Nest Mr. Nimesh Singh      
20 B-Nest Mr. Piyush Bindal      
21 B-Nest Mr. Prem Sagar      
22 B-Nest Mr. Rahat Kulshreshtra      
23 B-Nest Mr. Rakesh Chabra      
24 B-Nest Mr. Saurabh Jain      
25 B-Nest Mr. Shantanu Shrivastava      
26 B-Nest Mr. Vivek Joshi      
27 B-Nest Ms. Debarati Sen      
28 B-Nest Ms. Natasha Gogia      
29 B-Nest Ms. Natasha Lorraine      
30 B-Nest Ms. Priya Singh      
31 DAVV, Indore Dr. Govind Maheshwari 9826247653 Mechanical Engineering, Heat transfer, Refrigeration, Air conditioning
32 DAVV, Indore Dr. Shashi Prakash(In Charge) 9977186156 Electronics, Instrumentation, Optical Communication, Photonics
33 DAVV, Indore Dr. Sufia Aziz 9893187718 Discrete Mathematics, Linear Algebra
34 DAVV, Indore Dr. Suverna Torgal 9893010615  Mechanical Engineering, Material science, Strength of materials, Mechanical vibrations
35 DAVV, Indore Dr. Vaibhav Jain 9425071648 Computer Engineering, Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Software Engineering
36 DAVV, Indore Dr. Vaibhav Neema 9174738874 Electronics, VLSI, CMOS Circuit Design
37 DAVV, Indore Mr. Ashish Panchal 9691243624 VLSI, Microelectronics
38 DAVV, Indore Mr. Shailendra Kumar Pathak 9993576367 Communication Engineering, Optical Networks/Communication, Microwave Engineering
39 DAVV, Indore Mr. Shyam Maheshwari 9074786441 Information Technology, Data Visualization, Big Data, Information Security, IOT
40 DAVV, Indore Mr. Vikash Vankhede 9755255908 Computer Engineering, Network & Information Security
41 DAVV, Indore Ms. Harshita Sharma 8109091485 Computer Engineering, Networks, Data Mining
42 Dream Hatcher Incubation Center (DHIC) Dr. Sriparna B Baruah She has experience in Management Education and in Small and Medium Enterprise Development with thrust on Entrepreneurship and Livelihood Promotion. She also has extensive experience in action research and projects relating to development of livelihood clusters specifically in the North Eastern Region of India. Since the last three years, she has been actively involved in facilitating creation of a start-up eco-system in Assam and has been regularly mentoring and handholding existing and potential start- ups in opportunity guidance and scaling up. Dr. Baruah has represented NE India in various international forums and lead Business Delegations globally. She has also represented the country as a speaker in international conferences in countries like Latin America and Malaysia. She regularly provides academic and consultancy support to MBA departments of all major universities of Assam, institutions like TISS, NIRD, AASC etc. Dr. Baruah is member of he Board of Management of the School of Vocational Education (SOVET) IGNOU and is actively involved with various industry associations like CII, FICCI and FINER. She received the 'BHARAT VIKAS AWARD' for her contribution to the Livelihood Sector from the Institute of Self Reliance on 19th November 2017.
43 Dream Hatcher Incubation Center (DHIC) Mr. A S S Dewan He is trainer-motivator in the area of Entrepreneurship Development. specialized in Behavioural Science and Training. At present Mr. Dewan is looking after activities related to Skill Development, Adventure Tourism, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) etc. of the Institute. His area of interest also includes counseling, value addition of products, agri-entrepreneurship development in NER etc.
44 Dream Hatcher Incubation Center (DHIC) Mr. Biraj Das He has experience in the field of Entrepreneurship Development. Having specialisation in project formulation, financial management and entrepreneurship development, Shri Das has been guiding the first generation entrepreneurs through handholding support. He has conducted successfully the first Model Rural Industries Programme in Nagaon Assam. He has conducted small evaluation studies of Prime Minister Employment Generation programme sponsored by Khadi and Village Industries under the Ministry of MSME, Government of India in Assam, Nagaland and in Mizoram. Currently he is running Science & technology Entrepreneurship Development (STED) Project and Department of Science & Technology Programme under DST-NIMAT Project of Ministry of Science & Technology.
45 Dream Hatcher Incubation Center (DHIC) Mr. Jiten Chandra Kalita He has more than 30 years of experience in the field of Entrepreneurship Development. He has expertise in project formulation, planning, implementation and management and a Trainer, Motivator, Faculty in the line of entrepreneurship development. Further, he had been associated in Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development project (STED) under NSTEDB of the Ministry of Science and Technology. The STED project was a milestone for the institute and one of the key successes in Shri Kalita's line of work. He has also written extensively on entrepreneurship with 5 text books on entrepreneurship for the course of the class Xll level under the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC) and Gauhati University for B.Com. level. He has written another 7 books for prospective entrepreneurs and researchers.He has been awarded as "Best Entrepreneur Trainer Motivator" award, (NER 1996) by Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) constituted by EDII, Ahmedabad.
46 Dream Hatcher Incubation Center (DHIC) Mr. Prasanta Goswami His major contributions are in the fields of design and implementation of vivid training programmes and consultancy services meant especially for the first generation entrepreneurs. He is also associated in organizing numerous seminars-workshops and also is involved in research activities in the broad area of Entrepreneurship Development. In the recent past Shri Goswami is actively involved with activities related to the prime Ministers Skill Mission, Urban Livelihood Mission, Cluster Development activities etc.
47 Dream Hatcher Incubation Center (DHIC) Mr. Santanu Mohan Deka He is experienced in decentralised Planning and Micro-planning, Participatory Rural Appraisal, planning for Cluster Development in the MSME and Traditional/ rural enterprise sectors, conducting Surveys and Research Studies, Case Studies, Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessment Studies etc. in addition to Designing and Conducting Training Programmes and Management Development Programrnes. He is associated with more than 25 major Projects / Consultancy Assignments / Research works in IIE in last eleven years. He has also been involved in designing 13 course modules and conducting 12 Training of Trainers (ToT),17 Management Development Programmes, two Faculty Development Programmes, 16 Workshops/Seminars in implementation of 17 clusters under Scheme of Fund for Regeneration of Traditional Industries (SFURTI) during XI and XII plan period. Recently, he has coordinated a major consultancy assignment of micro-planning and enhancing livelihoods opportunities for 140 Iforest fringe villages of Assam. Areas of his interests and expertise include research and planning in the arenas of rural livelihoods promotion and Micro-Enterprises promotion. He has authored several research papers published in reputed journals and books.
48 Dream Hatcher Incubation Center (DHIC) Mr. Utpal Bayan He has experience on system analysis, design, coding, testing and implementation of application software. He also has experience of designing and organizing training programmes on various software / hardware module.
49 Incubation Masters Dr. Anoop Swarup     Retd. IRS and United Nations Representative
50 Incubation Masters Dr. Anu Gupta     Angel Investor KYT Ventures
51 Incubation Masters Dr. Anuj Garg     Director, Training & Placements at LNCT Group of Colleges
52 Incubation Masters Mr. Anirudh Damani     Managing Partner at Artha Venture Fund
53 Incubation Masters Mr. Anirudha Malpani     Malpani Ventures
54 Incubation Masters Mr. Arun Pandey     Editor (Quint)
55 Incubation Masters Mr. Chandrakant Tiwari     CEO Cinfy Systems
56 Incubation Masters Mr. Devesh Chawla     CEO - Chatur Ideas
57 Incubation Masters Mr. Gagan Gupta     KYT Ventures
58 Incubation Masters Mr. Mayank Saxena      
59 Incubation Masters Mr. Neeraj Kushwaha      
60 Incubation Masters Mr. Niraj Sahay     President, Defence Business Kinetix Engineering and Consultation
61 Incubation Masters Mr. Ravi Garikipati     CTO, Flipkart
62 Incubation Masters Mr. Ravi K Tiwari     Trade Comm. -Canada
63 Incubation Masters Mr. Rodrigo Blanco     Trade Comm. - Mexico
64 Incubation Masters Mr. Sanjay Kumar     CEO Bhopal Smart City
65 Incubation Masters Mr. Sauvik Banerjjee     VP-Tata Industries, CTO-TataCLIQ
66 Incubation Masters Mr. Shahzad Khan     Commonwealth
67 Incubation Masters Mr. Sharad Saxena      
68 Incubation Masters Mr. Sousthav Chakrabarty     Co-Founder & Ceo Quotient Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd
69 Incubation Masters Ms. Manisha Karna      
70 Jabalpur Incubation Centre Mr. Chandramauli Shukla     Commissiner, Jabalpur Municipal Corporation
71 Jabalpur Incubation Centre Mr. Vishakha Singh     CoFounder IconicBot/Indian Film Producer & Actor
72 Jabalpur Incubation Centre Ms. Nabomita Mazumdar     Ambassador to Ministry of Women and Child Development
73 Kalchuri-LNCT Group Incubation Center (KLIC) Mr. Abhishek Kulshestra      
74 Kalchuri-LNCT Group Incubation Center (KLIC) Mr. Agranshu Dwivedi      
75 Kalchuri-LNCT Group Incubation Center (KLIC) Mr. Barkha Upadhyay      
76 Kalchuri-LNCT Group Incubation Center (KLIC) Mr. Kapil Khandelwal       
77 Kalchuri-LNCT Group Incubation Center (KLIC) Mr. Rachit Pawar      
78 Kalchuri-LNCT Group Incubation Center (KLIC) Mr. Vijay Bawra      
79 Kalchuri-LNCT Group Incubation Center (KLIC) Mr. Yachneet Pushkarna      
80 Kalchuri-LNCT Group Incubation Center (KLIC) Ms. Preeti Choudhary      
81 S.PACE Mr. Dhanajay Kothari 9893575952 Chartered Account, Project Report & DPR
82 S.PACE Mr. Makrand Ansingkar 7879399999 Banking & Funding
83 S.PACE Mr. Manoj Singh 9755553510 Real Estate 7 PropTech
84 S.PACE Mr. Pulkit Godha 9229351111   Corporate Lawyer & Arbitration
85 S.PACE Mr. Siddharth Talreja 8889999904 Construction & Smart Buildings
86 VASPL Mr. Abhishek Gupta      
87 VASPL Mr. Alok Shopurkar      
88 VASPL Mr. Animesh Jain      
89 VASPL Mr. Manish Rajoria      
90 VASPL Mr. Pradeep Karambelkar      
91 VASPL Mr. Sumit Agrawal      
92 VASPL Ms. Anuradha Singhai